Caspar Schjelbred

Imagination, Improvisation, Communication

Be an inspiration to yourself and others

Hello, I’m Caspar Schjelbred.

Based in Paris, France, I’ve worked with improvisational theatre for over 20 years, specialising in physical acting, clown and mime.

I started with classic group improvisation, then focused mainly on solo improvisation.

In 2010, I created Impro Supreme as an alternative to run-of-the-mill improv classes, offering monthly improvisation workshops in Paris (in French).

Good improv theatre is good communication and is perfect for corporate training.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s easy and fun.

I offer:

  • Improv workshops in English as a team-building activity
  • Public speaking skills training with a focus on stage presence and body language
  • One-to-one communication coaching.

Communication is both WHAT you say and HOW you say it.