Corporate Training

Can the same skills we use to improvise theatre be of use at your workplace?

The improvising actors must at all times maintain an open and active disposition towards each other in order to create something meaningful together, whether it is a short comic sketch or a full-length play.

To successfully improvise theatre, we need to be competent and collaborative actors, directors and writers all at the same time. It is all about acting, directing, stagecraft, ensemble and dramaturgy.

Translated to corporate lingo: one-to-one communication, leadership, presentation skills, teamwork and storytelling.

These skills may appear “soft” to the uninitiated, but as you will find out – if you work with a proficient acting teacher – they are indeed very concrete. There are mechanics to be learned, techniques to be mastered. It is not just a mindset to adopt like a cute little puppy.

Read the last two sentences again. There are no shortcuts. Forget fast results. What you have to do is practise. Make a sustained effort.

Any improv workshop is normally fun and motivating – but most importantly it should provide you with techniques and principles that are simple enough that you can keep playing and experimenting with them on your own.

Autonomous training. Regular practice, undertaken lightly but in earnest. Serious fun. That is how you improve.

There is nothing to wait for. The earlier you start, the better. Contact me now and tell me what you need help with.

Group workshops and individual training made to measure.
In English or in French. Wherever you need it to be.

Caspar Schjelbred